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Diamond Core Drilling
Portrush and County Antrim

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Diamond Core Drilling Services

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Diamond Core Drilling Portrush and County Antrim

What is a diamond core drill used for?

Diamond drilling is a type of core drilling which is used to create very precise holes with specific measurements. This is done through the use of a rotary drill which has a diamond drill tip. As we are sure, you will know, diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth; this makes the material perfect for use when creating holes in materials such as glass, metal and concrete.

Diamond drills are used to create very accurate and clean holes. They can be used to create holes with a diameter of anywhere in between 8mm and 1500mm.

Diamond drills are a non-percussive technique; this means that while drilling, the structural integrity of the material is maintained.

All diamond drills send water through the shaft in order to make sure that the working area is not completely filled with dust and mess.

Diamond Core Drilling Services Antrim

How does diamond core drilling work?

Diamond drilling is a widely used core drilling technique that is used by professional core drilling operators and contractors. The operator will use a rotary drill that has been mounted with diamond bits. This is done so that small but accurate holes can be made in structures. The diamonds are industrial grade, meaning that they can easily get through materials such as metal, asphalt, glass and concrete.

Diamond drills are a very resourceful piece of technology. They can be used to drill through all kinds of materials such as stone, metal, concrete, asphalt and more. If openings are needed for the installation of pipes or any kind of wiring, then diamond drilling is the technique that is required. The technique is also used for creating holes in structures during any kind of renovation or demolition project.

Advantages of diamond drilling

Cutting ability

Advantages of diamond drilling Antrim northern Ireland

Diamond drilling is the technique used in construction and industrial industries for drilling holes. For many, it is considered to be the best method for drilling holes in any material.

This is because diamond drills are able to drill through almost any material both efficiently and quickly. The method is favoured so widely because it offers many advantages over other methods such as conventional drilling.


Accuracy diamond core drilling

Diamond drill bits are installed on the end of the drill. This is done in order to make cutting far more accurate. This means that work done by technicians is done at a far higher standard than if it was done through conventional drilling, where there would be more room for error.

Increased accuracy also means that there is a smaller chance of structural damage occurring to the property that the operator is working on.

More accurate drilling also means that far less dust and mess is produced during the drilling process. This saves a huge amount of time for workers, and it also means disposal costs are lowered too.


Versatility diamond core drilling

Diamond drilling is also ideal for almost every working environment. In comparison to conventional drilling, the tools make far less noise and mess.

This means that several drilling jobs can be done on one property without laborious setting up and movement between jobs. Diamond drilling can also be done in difficult environments such as underwater or highly confined spaces.

If the situation arises, then diamond drilling can be used through the use of remote control too.

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